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Lin Laboratory

Lyme disease, the most common vector-borne disease in North America and Europe, is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, which can be transmitted by tick bite from animals (vertebrate reservoir) to humans, where it may spread to multiple organs manifesting as arthritis, carditis and neuropathy.

Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms of pathogen-host interactions, in particular how Lyme disease bacteria and other pathogens survive in distinct host environments (ticks and vertebrate hosts), resulting in pathogen transmission between hosts, dissemination, and disease manifestations. We utilize multiple genetic, biochemical, microbiological, and vector biological approaches to define the transmission of Lyme disease bacteria, and other pathogens transmitted by ticks, in the infection cycle.

Information from our studies will facilitate the development of prophylactic and therapeutic strategies to eventually block the route of human infection from Lyme bacteria and other pathogens.

Join our lab!

We are looking for motivated Ph.D./Master and undergraduate students. Lab members and the research projects in our laboratory are supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, and New York State Department of Health. 

​Ph.D. Students

  • Previous lab experience | Ecological and Evolutionary modeling or sequence analysis, Biochemistry (e.g. protein purification), Microbiology and Immunology (e.g. sterile techniques), Genetics and Molecular Biology (e.g. molecular cloning) and Entomology (e.g. insect dissection)
  • Preferred coursework | Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, and/or Ecology & Evolution
  • Our laboratory is affiliated with, and therefore application is through, the following program:

Undergraduate Students

  • Previous lab experience | None required
  • Preferred coursework | Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics 
  • Our undergraduate students normally work with us from June to August; however, you are always welcome to contact us for the opportunity to work in our laboratory. 
  • You are encouraged to apply for the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program from Wadsworth Center supported by National Science Foundation. This program will provide stipend support for the research in our laboratory. ​

Feel free to contact for more information about our laboratory.

Program Updates

Illustration of a deer tick

Emerging Outbreaks and Lyme Disease - Wadsworth Center Researcher Yi-Pin Lin and Colleagues’ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Article Provides Insight

Lyme disease presents an ever-increasing burden to the public and the public health system, with an estimated 476,000 cases per year nationwide (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). In addition, many patients continue to suffer pain,...

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