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Postgraduate Fellowship Opportunities

The mission of the Wadsworth Center Fellowship Program is to provide scientists with broad experience in laboratory science and research in infectious disease, genetics, environmental health or translational medicine. Fellowship opportunities are also available in related disciplines such as bioinformatics, safety, and quality management. Fellows will gain knowledge and skills at one of the nation’s premier public health laboratories, renowned for developing and utilizing high complexity testing using advanced technologies and state of the art equipment.

Fellows at Wadsworth Center can be funded through the following programs:

The Wadsworth Center Fellowship Community is comprised of a diverse group of individuals from different public health laboratory disciplines who are at different places in their educational journey. The group meets monthly to receive training in cross-cutting and general Public Health Laboratory Competencies. The program provides opportunities to practice career skills such as presenting your work through poster and oral presentations. Fellows learn about disciplines in the public health laboratory where they have less experience and have opportunities to network and socialize with peers.

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