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Wadsworth Center’s Role in the Nation’s Largest Newborn Screening Pilot Study of its Kind - ScreenPlus

All newborns in New York State are screened for 52 disorders including all 37 on the Recommended Uniform Screening Panel (RUSP).  Because of the immense impact newborn screening has on public health, a committee of professionals continually evaluates conditions for addition to the RUSP. Pilot studies such as ScreenPlus can help determine if a new test for a disorder provides results that are beneficial to the health of the newborn and, therefore, the disorder should be added to the panel.

A $2.5 Million National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Grant Helps Elucidate Mycobacterial Cell-Cell Communication and the Evolution of Mycobacterial Pathogens

Before COVID most of us probably never thought about how the organisms that cause disease inherit their genetic material and how that impacts their ability to be “successful” pathogens.  Drs. Todd Gray and Keith Derbyshire at the Wadsworth Center have been thinking about this for a long time. 

Publication Exemplifies the Cross-cutting Work of Wadsworth Center’s Public Health Laboratories and Cores

Some of the work of the cores, such as media preparation, is based on techniques that go back over a hundred years, even to the beginnings of what became the Wadsworth Center. Other Wadsworth Center cores perform high-quality antigen production, sophisticated image analysis and manipulation, and sequencing and bioinformatic analysis that may be completed in hours to days rather than weeks or months, often providing comprehensive assessment of a full bacterial genome.
Polarized light image of glucose. Richard Cole, Wadsworth Center

Mpox Testing Guidance


Guidance Guidance on Testing at Commercial and Public Health Laboratories Testing Resources For Category B packaging and shipping from the USDOT For Laboratory Personnel For Laboratory Procedures New York State Department of Health Mpox Information

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Wadsworth Center

Employment Opportunities


The Wadsworth Center is staffed through the NYS Department of Health (DOH)(link is external) and Health Research, Inc. (HRI)(link is external). We encourage you to navigate to their respective pages if interested in a career at the Center.