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Blood Resources Program

More than 350 facilities are approved by the department to provide blood services. One and a quarter million blood components are prepared annually. Approximately 90% of the blood is collected at blood centers, with the remainder collected by approximately about a dozen hospitals and a small number of independent facilities.

Informational materials on blood services, including guidelines and recommendations, are developed and made available to the public and to regulated parties as appropriate. The Program monitors errors and accidents involving blood for transfusion.

Laboratories holding a New York State Department of Health permit in Blood Services – Collection, Blood Services – Collection Autogeneic Only, Blood Services – Transfusion and/or Blood Services – Transfusion Storage Only are required to submit a Blood Services Activity Report annually. Blood collected or transfused in New York State must be reported.  Reporting is performed using the Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program’s eCLEP web application on the Health Commerce System. Please see CLEP’s Health Commerce System webpage[1] for information on obtaining access to eCLEP.


Blood Services Activity Report CY 2022[2]