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Blood Resources - Incident Reporting

What is considered a reportable incident?

For purposes of reporting to the Wadsworth Center, an incident is any: 

  • Error, accident or serious unexpected reaction involving a blood product that has been issued by a transfusion service; or 
  • Error or accident during the processing or administration of an autogeneic blood product that may pose a substantial risk to the patient, including “reinfusion procedures” and perioperative blood recovery; or 
  • Severe donor reaction or significant error, accident or non-conformance in collection, testing or processing of donor blood that is not detected prior to distribution and that may affect the safety of any blood product or health of the donor or recipient.

What does not need to be reported?

Post-donation information need not be reported unless such information is determined to pose a risk to a recipient (e.g., diagnosis of infectious disease following donation.) Positive bacteria detection testing on platelets need not be reported absent a process error or significant patient reaction. 

How do facilities file an incident report?

In order to report a Transfusion or Blood Bank Related Incident, please complete the Incident Form[1] and submit it via email to[2]

How long do facilities have to report an incident?

Transfusion/Blood Bank-related incidents must be reported within seven calendar days of the occurrence or its discovery.