Assays covered under Leukocyte Function are those that assess the cellular functions of the immune system. Lymphocyte functions are most often tested using in vitro assays, including mitogen- and antigen-stimulated proliferation, alloantigen-stimulated proliferation, cytolytic assays, and cytokine or immunoglobulin production. Monocytic and myeloid functions can be examined using in vitro assays such as respiratory burst, phagocytosis, and cytokine production.
Please note: The ex vivo analysis of cytokines in plasma, serum, or cerebrospinal fluid is covered under the Cytokines category.

Leukocyte Function Assay Quality Control

  • A control must be run on each assay plate or within each run.
    • Cellular Immunology Standard CILF S17, S19 and S20
  • Specimen age must not exceed 24 hours unless NYSDOH approval has been given. 
    • Cellular Immunology Standard CILF S3
  • Viability must be equal or greater than 80% at cell culture initiation.
    • Cellular Immunology Standard CILF S4