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Diagnostic Immunology

The Diagnostic Immunology Laboratory (DIL) serves as the New York State public health reference laboratory performing serologic assays for the detection of patient antibody responses to bacteria, parasites and viruses. A diverse array of techniques from classical to contemporary are employed.

The Laboratory performs reference level testing for the confirmation of serologic results suggesting the presence of infectious diseases reportable to New York State. Through collaborations with the Department of Health's Division of Epidemiology, the laboratory assists in the investigation of infectious disease outbreaks and participates in disease surveillance.

Aside from certain public health programs, diagnostic testing of primary specimens is not routinely performed. However, upon consultation with the laboratory, special arrangements can be made for problematic cases. 

The laboratory also collaborates with other public health and academic institutions in providing hands-on training in serologic assay development. 

The laboratory provides clinical rotations to students enrolled in the Wadsworth Center’s Masters in Laboratory Science (MLS) program. 

The Diagnostic Immunology section also performs applied research.

CLIA# 33D2005937 | PFI# 8523