Health care providers at these specialized care centers are experienced in treating infants with one or a group of the disorders detected by NYS newborn screening. They can provide either on-going care for an affected infant or can act as an expert consultant to the primary care provider, depending on the needs of the family and the nature and severity of the disorder. These specialists or the infant’s primary health care provider will also refer your family to a genetic counselor who can provide important genetic education and advice to your family.

If the newborn screening program determines that the result of a screening test is abnormal, they will contact both the baby’s healthcare provider and an appropriate specialized care center. The primary care provider and the specialist will discuss the case, make a plan for further testing and treatment and then contact the baby’s parent(s) to make arrangements for the infant to be seen. Parents are not required to take their baby to the specialist the newborn screening program referred them to if they prefer to use a different specialist. If you do choose a different specialty care center, please contact the newborn screening program at (518) 473-7552 to update our information. This is important because it allows us to ensure that each baby identified as having an abnormal test receives the appropriate follow up care.