Individuals performing chemical analyses for blood alcohol content may apply for a permit.

Permit requirements include:

  • A high school degree plus one year of laboratory experience
    • OR two years of college study and six months of laboratory experience
  • Proficiency in the chemical analyses of the alcoholic content of blood and any other sample type as required
  • Correct results for 75 percent of the samples for each set of proficiency tests


  1. Complete a Personnel Questionairre
  2. The director of the laboratory must sign the form, indicating the applicant meets all requirements.
  3. Send the completed form to the address indicated below.


Annually, a letter is sent to each laboratory verifying participants prior to the upcoming proficiency testing event. No renewal form is required.

Submit completed application forms to the attention of:

NYS DOH Vehicle and Traffic Blood Alcohol Analyst Certification Program
Clinical Chemistry and Hematology Laboratory

Use the appropriate address for the delivery method chosen, US Postal Service or FEDEX, UPS, Courier, as indicated on this page.