Frequently Asked Questions

Diagnostic Immunology

  • No, samples should be submitted from permitted laboratories and local county health departments. Licensed private physicians must contact their local county health department or the laboratory for consultation and approval before submitting a specimen for testing.
  • No, all costs related to processing and testing a specimen are covered by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH).
  • If the caller is the patient’s physician and the submitter documented on the IDR, the results can be given verbally to the physician once the patient’s identity is confirmed. 
  • If the caller is the patient’s physician, but not the submitter documented on the IDR, then the physician must contact the submitter to get the results. 
  • If the caller is the patient, he will be advised to contact his physician for results or
    • Direct patient access for results is available by contacting 518-474-4177.
  • No, the submitter is responsible for all shipping charges.
  • NYSDOH does provide shipping boxes for approved primary specimen testing.
  • NYSDOH does not provide shipping boxes for specimens that are sent to the laboratory for confirmation testing.
  • No, the submitter should refer to the CDC Test Catalog to determine if the test is available at CDC.  Follow the shipping and handling instructions provided by the CDC when submitting a specimen to the Wadsworth Center. A specimen should never be sent to the CDC directly.