The Mycology Culture Collection Repository, established in 2007, contains approximately 14,500 fungi comprising 288 genera and 600 species. The majority of fungi in the collection are of human origin, with a few of environmental and of animal origin. These include:

  • Approximately 4,000 mold isolates from superficial to deep-seated human infection
  • Approximately 10,000 pathogenic yeast isolates
  • Approximately 3,600 Candida auris isolates
  • Approximately 400 Cryptococcus spp.
  • Approximately 500 dimorphic fungal pathogens
  • Approximately 150 Pseudogymnoascus destructans isolates

The facility uses room temperature, -80ÂșC and liquid nitrogen for storage of these fungi. All of the fungi have passed an initial quality control check. The characterization of these fungi and newer additions remains an ongoing activity. The fungal isolates are supplied for basic and applied research, and antifungal susceptibility tests. Please contact Dr. Chaturvedi for more information.