Apply for a Clinical Laboratory Permit

A clinical laboratory permit will be issued when:

  1. The laboratory director and any assistant directors have been issued Certificates of Qualification in all applicable categories relevant to the laboratory permit application.
  2. The laboratory participates in an On-site Survey  by a CLEP clinical laboratory consultant(s) and any deficiencies have been corrected.
  3. The laboratory has successfully participated in Proficiency Testing (or alternate assessment, as applicable) for all permit categories sought on the application. *NOTE: THE LABORATORY MUST AUTHORIZE THEIR PT PROVIDER TO RELEASE PT RESULTS TO NY IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A PERMIT. Instructions are available in our Proficiency Testing Guide on our PT webpage. 
  4. The laboratory has received Test Approval, as applicable.
  5. The laboratory director has obtained a Health Commerce System account and affiliated that account with the laboratory. 
  6. All applicable fees have been paid.