The Office of Research & Technology offers services to assist investigators in the coordination, development and submission of Research Grant and Contract Applications. 

Services provided include coordination for multi-investigator grant applications, budget preparation, guidance on sponsor requirements and guidelines, project/proposal development, cost share allocations and assistance with submission of the completed proposal to the Health Research, Inc. (HRI), Sponsored Programs office, for final submission to the sponsor.

Investigators should contact the Office of Research & Technology at least 2 months prior to the target submission date for individual investigator applications.  Center wide, construction, program and other large or complex grant applications should be brought to the attention of the Office of Research & Technology 4 – 6 months prior to the intended submission date or as soon as the respective RFA is released.

Early Office of Research & Technology participation in the proposal preparation process will allow for more effective coordination, development and handling of the application.

The Office of Research & Technology will assist with, and coordinate collection of information from collaborators, both internal and external, in support of the application.  Budgetary projections and information will be provided ensuring the preparation of a complete and accurate budget for inclusion in the proposal application package.

The Office of Research & Technology offers services to interested investigators throughout the entire application process.  However, final submission of the application to the sponsor will be handled by HRI.