Manuscript Clearance

Any manuscript in which the Wadsworth Center is given institutional credit (even if the author(s) are no longer employed by the Wadsworth Center or HRI) must be submitted to the Office of Research & Technology for clearance prior to submission to the publisher.  This remains true for any authorship, not only corresponding author or first author, but also for a manuscript being submitted by an outside collaborator.  This applies to any manuscript submitted for publication in a journal (print or electronic), as a book or book chapter, or on a website and includes conference proceedings (but not short abstracts consisting of 2 pages or fewer).

The Office of Research & Technology reviews manuscripts prior to clearance for submission to a publisher to ensure state and federal requirements (e.g. open access) have been met, presentation of scientific results has been optimized and acknowledgement of the contributions of students, scientists, and core facilities are properly in place.

A book or volume that is merely edited by a Wadsworth Center scientist need not be cleared, but the manuscript for any introductory text, or any chapter that is authored or co-authored by a Wadsworth scientist, does require clearance.

Copyright Transfer

Manuscripts by employees of the Wadsworth Center (whether through NYSDOH or HRI) are considered “Work for Hire”.  Therefore, copyright of a manuscript written in connection with employment at the Wadsworth Center is held by the Institution.  Wadsworth Center authors do not hold copyrights to their work and are not authorized to sign copyright transfer forms.

Only designated Office of Research & Technology personnel are authorized to sign all such forms. Submitted agreements should have their header sections filled out, to include the title and authors of the manuscript.