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Obtaining Results

All Newborn Screening test results are available in a report format seven days after the specimen is received. If there is a special health concern (i.e. family history of a disorder, symptom of a disorder), preliminary screening results may be available the day following receipt. Preliminary results can be obtained by calling (518) 473-7552. Confirmation of results depends on the specific verification test performed, with the longest procedures taking 3 business days. If abnormal results are obtained, the NBS program will notify the ordering physician.

Newborn screen results can be obtained through the Secure Remote Viewer (SRV) via the Health Commerce System (HCS). Full results can be securely viewed, saved electronically, and printed instantly.

Obtaining Access to the Secure Remote Viewer

Providers can contact the Newborn Screening Program at (518) 473-7552 about requirements and registering for access to the SRV, a web based system for accessing results. If you already have access to the NYS DOH HCS, send an email and request access to the secure remote viewer. Please include your user name for the HCS and your hospital affiliation, if applicable. You will receive an email confirming your access. The SRV will allow you to view, print and save a PDF file of newborn screen results. If you are affiliated with a hospital, a staff member(s) is designated as the HCS coordinator and can give you access to the system. If you do not have access to the NYS DOH HCS, request an account for access from the HCS website.

Obtaining results using the HCS: Log into the HCS using your user ID and password. On the left side of the page, go to My Applications and click on “Newborn Screen Result Viewer.” Enter the medical record number from the hospital of birth or the NBS lab ID number and select search. A list of all specimens for the newborn will appear. Place a check mark next to the report you want to view and click “view selected reports”. 

Electronic Transfer of Results directly to Medical Records Systems: Facilities that transmit Newborn Screening demographic and collection data electronically via an HL7 interface can receive resullts electronically into the facility's electronic medical records system or laboratory results system.

Providers without a NYS License

Providers lacking a NYS license do not have access to the HCS/SRV. Such providers may obtain results by faxing a request for results to 518-474-0405. Include the lab ID or the baby’s date of birth, gender, hospital of birth and mother’s full name and your contact information and address. Providers can also request results using this form. A copy of the results will be sent by FAX or mailed as requested. 

Obtaining Results for Sickle Cell Disease/Trait for NCAA Participation

According to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, all Division I, II and III school athletes are required to be tested for the sickle cell trait or sign a written release declining the test before competing. This is to alert coaches and athletic trainers that athletes with this trait may need to take special precautions. For more information on this NCAA requirement, please visit the NCAA website.

New York State began screening all infants for sickle cell disease in 1975 as part of the Newborn Screening panel. Such testing also identifies newborns with sickle cell trait (an individual with a single sickle cell gene and one normal gene). Such individuals are typically without symptoms but, rarely, may develop serious health problems during extreme physical stress such as severe dehydration.

The following options are available for a student who needs to confirm their Sickle Cell trait status:

  1. Obtain a prescription from your healthcare provider and get tested.
  2. Access newborn screening results from your birth record through your birth hospital or pediatrician.
  3. Have your current healthcare provider request NYS newborn screening results from the Newborn Screening Program.

To obtain results for students who are currently NYS residents but who were not born in NYS, we recommend contacting the newborn screening program in the State where the child was born to learn about their current policies for releasing results of newborn screening tests.