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Enteric Viruses

The Wadsworth Center Enteric Virus Laboratory performs molecular diagnostic assays for the detection and characterization of several viruses associated with gastroenteritis. The Enteric Virus Laboratory also functions as a certified CaliciNet laboratory and serves as a designated CaliciNet Outbreak Support Center.  

Virus Real-Time RT PCR Molecular Genotyping* Preferred Sample Type All Validated Sample Types**
Norovirus X X Stool Stool
Astrovirus X   Stool Stool
Sapovirus X   Stool Stool
Rotavirus X   Stool Stool

*Genoytping is performed on all norovirus positive outbreaks when at least two positive samples are detected by real-time RT PCR or upon special request.

**Submission of a different sample type will require an approved Non-permitted Laboratory Test Form.