Kirsten St. George, Ph.D.

Chief, Laboratory of Viral Diseases

We develop viral detection and characterization assays and investigate new molecular chemistries and platforms. Research includes rhinovirus infection in transplant recipients, drug-resistant influenza and adenovirus evolution.

Haixin Sui, Ph.D.

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Diseases - Structural Cell Biology

We study the structural basis of macromolecular assemblies and organelles in epithelial cells for sensing or responding to extracellular environmental changes. Our approach involves a variety of customized methods in advanced electron microscopy.

Derek Symula, Ph.D.

Director, Division of Laboratory Quality Certification

We study copy number variants (CNVs), which are widespread in the human genome and alter dosage of genes important in conditions ranging from HIV susceptibility to autism spectrum disorders. We seek to compile a catalog of CNVs and their frequencies.

Norma P. Tavakoli, Ph.D.

Newborn Screening Program

Screening has uncovered individuals whose sweat chloride values are above normal, but no other CF symptoms are identified. Our aim is to determine if other variants in the CFTR gene, or modifier genes, correlate with these abnormal levels.

Buu N. Tran, Ph.D.

Organic and Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

We develop analytical methods to identify unknown chemicals in foods and environmental samples including toxic compounds and chemical terrorism agents, thus providing national surveillance of the food supply.

Joseph T. Wade, Ph.D.

Microbial Gene Expression

We study gene regulation in bacteria, with a focus on genome-scale approaches. We are interested in regulation of transcription, the function of non-coding RNAs, and leaderless translation initiation.

Xianliang Zhou, Ph.D.

Asbestos Laboratory

We conduct both laboratory and field studies to understand the tropospheric chemistry of reactive nitrogens, a group of key species involved in the formation of atmospheric secondary pollutants, such as ozone and aerosols.